Coco Poles

Coco Poles or Moss Sticks are supporting poles for potted plant creepers used in both large and small scale gardens. These organic poles are made of wrapping 100% natural coir fibers in forms of mattress fibre rubberized coir pads or coir yarn around a hallow PVC pipe.

1. Eco-friendly from Coco fiber.
2. Easily bio-degradable.
3. Used for growing indoor-outdoor small plants.

Raw Material - Coir
Color - Brown
Standard Height -   30cm to 180cm
Size in Diameter - 20mm to 50mm
 Packaging - Cartons

Coco pole is a sporting pole for potted plant creepers to grow in-door as well as out-door gardens. The high moisture retention capacity of the stick enables the rots of the plant to grip natural organic mattress of coir fiber. Coconut fibre specially treated and rolled in poles to last longer to have water holding capacity for smooth growing of plants. Available in wooden sticks or PVC pipes
. Our Coir Poles is available in different types, the one with natural coir wound on the pole or thinner coir yarn wrapped to hold tightly and the other - coco pole as coir yarn-latex sprayed on the pole with coir twine tightly wound round the pole. These plant support poles are natural and made from a renewable resource giving it green credentials. The coir fibre lasts longer than real moss and of course it well never die.
Coco poles are widely used in plant nurseries, horticulture farms. Perfect for plants like Pothos, Philodendron, Money plant, Monstera and other creepers. Coco Coir Poles are available in different lengths, diameters and it could be manufactured in customized sizes to suit the customer specification