Grow Rich

Grow Rich is a Socially committed leading Manufacturer and Exporter cum retailer of Home Furnishings, Floor coverings, Doormats, carpets, rugs from Coir, jute, grass and rubber. We have other handicrafts from coconut husk, coconut shells, wood etc.. Innovations in designs, colours and fabric set us apart from others in the industryWe give top priority to the clients'S requirements and thus provide utmost satisfaction to them.

Being a socially committed organization, we extend our hands to lift the Artisans from unorganized sectors of cottage industries like palm leaf products, coconut husk and shell handicrafts and other coir industry’s small scale sectors who make very attractive and durable handicrafts. Also we are committed to adopt and promote agriculture, horticulture and hydroponic products manufactured by the cottage and small scale units beyond the boundary of our state.

Our dedicated team of enthusiastic and flexible people built a strong market position over the past few years. Our product specialists are knowledgeable and already have a great deal of experience with fashions and designs. We provide innovative designs, we help accelerate and improve your sales by providing you new designs and continuous new sampling. We represent high quality product lines with value added designs along with competitive pricing. We provide you with customized solutions, including service support - not as a manufacture, but as a knowledge partner. In this joint undertaking, we provide more than just talk: as an open-minded company, we listen to your ideas. For us, collaboration is a two-way street that leads to the best solution for you. Because of these in-depth interactions with our customers over the years, we know our market, not from the sidelines but from within.

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