We are one of leading manufactures of Coir logs in India.It helps in Erosion Controlling.It is made from 100% natural coir fibres compressed in a tubular mesh netting. It will last up to 4-10 years and can be easily installed and will blend naturally into the environment over time. It is designed to withstand wave impact and storm water sheet flow forces, thus the preferred product for stabilization and re-vegetation of sites where you encounter steep slopes or exposure to waves or currents, causes instability.

Usual size of the net diameter is 20cm. to 60cm.
Available sizes & Weight
20cms.x 6mts. wt.30kg.
30cms.x 6mts. wt.60kg.
40cms.x 6mts. wt.100kg
50cms.x 6mts. wt.150kg.
60cms.x 3mts. wt.100kg.
6 .Weight : 22 to 24 mt for each 40�HC
7 .Package : 120 kgs to 150kgs per bale.

Advantages of Coir Logs

  • **Erosion Control:** Effectively prevents soil erosion in various environments.
  • **Biodegradable:** Environmentally friendly and decomposes naturally over time.
  • **Flexibility:** Adaptable to different terrains and project requirements.
  • **Water Filtration:** Assists in water filtration and sediment control.
  • **Plant Establishment:** Provides a conducive environment for plant growth.

Disadvantages of Coir Logs

  • **Decomposition Time:** Biodegradability may vary based on environmental conditions.
  • **Initial Cost:** May have an initial cost compared to some synthetic alternatives.
  • **Maintenance:** Requires monitoring for effectiveness and replacement if needed.

Benefits of Using Coir Logs

Coir logs offer several benefits for erosion control and environmental conservation:

  • Stabilizes soil and prevents slope erosion.
  • Creates a natural habitat for vegetation to establish.
  • Minimizes water runoff and sedimentation.
  • Supports biodiversity and ecological restoration projects.

Usage of Coir Logs

Coir logs are commonly used for various erosion control and environmental projects:

  • **Riverbanks and Shorelines:** Mitigates soil erosion along water bodies.
  • **Hillside Stabilization:** Prevents slope erosion and promotes plant growth.
  • **Wetland Restoration:** Supports ecological restoration in wetland areas.
  • **Infrastructure Projects:** Used in construction sites for sediment control.

Fields of Usage

Coir logs find applications in diverse fields, including:

  • Environmental conservation and restoration projects.
  • Civil engineering and construction for erosion control.
  • Landscaping and habitat restoration initiatives.