These are known as Lovers Knot as its constructions is inseparable by coir and particularly made by hand only. Coir Rope Mats are 100% natural, sustainable doormats made our of Coconut Fibre yarns alone. Although the rope mats are handwoven, they are comparatively easier to manufacture. Consequently, they still stay put and are able to keep up with the tight competition from the cheaper non-bio degradable coir mats variants.
Rope mats are made entirely using two-ply or three-ply coir ropes, tied into graceful knots and braids, and laid in beautiful flat, crisscross or butterfly patterns with rectangular, oval or half-round shapes to choose from. The ends are gracefully tucked in or elegantly fringed. These are mostly hand-made with a high level of skill. Coir yarns have excellent scraping property. Hence, they are good at keeping the dirt out of your home. Rope mats are available with natural golden brown or colored ropes. Additionally, multi-color interwoven patterns are also available.