Grow bags are innovative, portable containers designed for cultivating plants, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. These bags are made from sturdy, breathable materials, allowing for optimal aeration and drainage. Grow bags have become a popular choice for gardening enthusiasts, farmers, and urban dwellers due to their numerous advantages.

Material : 100% natural coco peat or mixed with husk chips
Moisture : below 20%
EC: 500μs/cm (1:5 Method), Can be changed as per Buyer’s requirement
pH : 5.5 – 6.5
Compression Ratio : 5 : 1
Weight : 1.5 kg – 4.0 kg, As Buyer request
Size : 100x20x12cm / 100x20x10cm / 100x15x10cm..etc
Expand Volume : Based on Bag size