Grow Rich Coir Scruber
grow rich coir scrubber

Coco Scrubber

Introducing our Coir Scrubber, an eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative to conventional kitchen scrubbers. Made from a blend of natural coir fibers and latex, this scrubber is tough on grease and grime while being gentle on the environment. Make your kitchen cleaning routine sustainable with this innovative and biodegradable scrubber.

Why Choose Coir Scrubber?

  1. Biodegradable Material: The scrubber is made from a combination of coir and latex, ensuring it is environmentally friendly and breaks down naturally over time.
  2. Tough on Grime: The natural coir fibers provide excellent scrubbing power, making it effective in removing grease and grime from kitchen surfaces.
  3. Sustainable Kitchen Cleaning: Say goodbye to plastic scrubbers and choose a sustainable option that reduces environmental impact.

Key Features:

  • Coir and Latex Blend: The scrubber is crafted from a blend of natural coir fibers and latex, providing a balance of scrubbing power and biodegradability.
  • Biodegradable: Unlike traditional plastic scrubbers, the Coir Scrubber is biodegradable, reducing waste and environmental pollution.
  • Size: Available in a convenient size of 18x9x6, suitable for various kitchen cleaning needs.

How to Use Coir Scrubber:

Using the Coir Scrubber is simple and effective:

  1. Dampen the scrubber with water.
  2. Apply your preferred dish soap or cleaning solution.
  3. Scrub surfaces with the Coir Scrubber to remove grease and grime.
  4. Rinse the scrubber after use and allow it to air dry.

Size Chart:

Size Weight
4x3 inch 10-15gm

Make a sustainable choice in your kitchen with our Coir Scrubber. Choose the eco-friendly way to keep your kitchen surfaces clean. Order now for a greener and cleaner kitchen!

Grow Rich coir scrubber