Grow rich micro green mat
grow rich micro green mat

Coir Micro Green Mat

Introducing our Coir Micro Green Mat, a sustainable and efficient solution for growing microgreens. Made from natural coir fibers, these mats provide an ideal substrate for microgreen cultivation, offering excellent water retention and breathability. Elevate your indoor gardening with this eco-friendly and versatile product.

Why Choose Coir Micro Green Mat?

  1. Optimal Growth Conditions: The coir micro green mat offers the perfect environment for microgreens with enhanced water retention and breathability.
  2. Eco-Friendly Material: Crafted from renewable coir fibers, these mats are a sustainable alternative to traditional growing mediums.
  3. Convenient Size Options: Available in 50cmx25cm dimensions, these mats are suitable for various microgreen trays. Choose the weight option that fits your gardening needs.

Key Features:

  • Natural Coir Fibers: The mat is made from premium coir fibers, providing a natural and nutrient-rich substrate for microgreens.
  • Efficient Water Retention: Coir has excellent water retention properties, ensuring consistent moisture for microgreen growth.
  • Available Sizes: Choose the right size and weight for your microgreen cultivation from our size chart below.

How to Use Coir Micro Green Mat:

Utilizing the Coir Micro Green Mat is simple and effective:

  1. Place the coir mat in your microgreen tray or growing container.
  2. Spread your microgreen seeds evenly over the mat's surface.
  3. Water the mat adequately to initiate seed germination.
  4. Harvest your fresh and nutritious microgreens when they reach the desired height.

Size Chart:

Size Weight
50cmx25cm 100gm - 150gm

Elevate your microgreen cultivation with our Coir Micro Green Mats. Choose the size and weight that suits your gardening preferences. Order now for a sustainable and thriving indoor garden!

Grow Rich coir micro green mat