Grow rich cocnut coir seedling tray
grow rich Coir seedling tray

8 Cavity Coir Seedling Tray

Introducing our 8 Cavity Coir Seedling Tray, a practical and eco-friendly solution for germinating seeds and growing seedlings. Made from natural coir fibers, these trays provide a conducive environment for seed development and easy transplantation. Elevate your gardening experience with this sustainable and versatile product.

Why Choose 8 Cavity Coir Seedling Tray?

  1. Efficient Seed Germination: The 8 cavity design promotes individual seed growth, preventing root entanglement and ensuring healthy seedlings.
  2. Eco-Friendly Material: Crafted from renewable coir fibers, these trays are a sustainable alternative to plastic seedling trays.
  3. Convenient Size Options: Available in 28cmx14cm dimensions, these trays are suitable for various seedling needs. Choose the weight option that fits your gardening requirements.

Key Features:

  • Natural Coir Fibers: The tray is made from premium coir fibers, providing a natural and breathable environment for seedling development.
  • 8 Cavity Design: Each cavity allows for individual seedling growth, preventing competition for nutrients and space.
  • Easy Transplantation: Seedlings can be easily transplanted without disturbing the roots, promoting a seamless transition to larger pots or garden beds.
  • Available Sizes: Choose the right size and weight for your seedling needs from our size chart below.

How to Use 8 Cavity Coir Seedling Tray:

Using the 8 Cavity Coir Seedling Tray is simple and effective:

  1. Fill each cavity with your preferred potting mix or coir.
  2. Plant seeds in each cavity, following the recommended spacing for the specific plant.
  3. Water the tray adequately, ensuring the coir retains moisture for optimal seed germination.
  4. Once seedlings are ready, transplant them into larger pots or directly into your garden bed.

Size Chart:

Size Weight
28cmx14cm 80gm - 100gm

Enhance your seedling germination process with our 8 Cavity Coir Seedling Tray. Choose the size and weight that suits your gardening preferences. Order now for a sustainable and successful start to your plants!

Grow Rich coir seed germination tray